Employee Resource Groups at Red Ventures empower a community whose collective voice fosters an inclusive company culture.

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Carlo Moore

Road to Hire Senior Associate & co-chair of We ARE

“To my fellow Black RVers - don’t be afraid to tell your truth. People need to hear it. To my White coworkers - you may not have the words to say, and we’re not asking you to have the words to say. Don’t be afraid to listen. At RV we LOVE giving and receiving feedback - and this is the time to have those uncomfortable conversations.”

Ryenne Dietrick

Associate Engineer and member of PRIDE

“I always feel more inclined to work harder for people when I feel like they know and care about me beyond my work abilities. I’m less likely to feel hurt or upset if someone uses wrong language regarding my identity when my experiences are at the forefront of the discussion.”

Maisha Johnson

Newsletter Editor and member of We ARE

"I hope that we can open up more conversations, and that it won’t be so taboo to talk about things, and to name things for what they are. Being able to acknowledge that systemic racism is very much a part of our everyday lives, and being able to address it directly makes a huge difference."

Alex Rupprecht

Technical Writer and member of We ARE and PRIDE

"I’m a successful technical writer, artist, and musician with an active social life who just happens to use a wheelchair. Adapting isn’t easy and having a disability can be frustrating, as well as mentally and physically painful. However, those of us who have learned to adapt carry a special set of skills. We are full of ingenuity and determined to succeed, which makes for successful employees.”

Sarah Soule

President and co-founder of She Is

“We often make assumptions about jobs we haven’t even taken on yet, about our own capabilities, and about what we can handle. Women in particular have a tendency to underestimate themselves. But my ask is this: always think of your career with an open mind, and don’t underestimate your own capabilities. Because the world needs MORE powerful, capable female leaders. And so does Red Ventures.”