We are committed to identifying opportunities to positively impact social and racial justice in our communities.

Road to Hire

Since 2013, 250 Red Ventures employees have volunteered mentorship and skills-training with Road to Hire programs, helping more than 1,300 hard-working students find stable careers and financial stability.

Red Ventures employees play an active role in providing mentorship, skills training, and other support for remarkable students. We’re committed to learning from them, too - to seeing the city of Charlotte through their eyes.

Road to Hire studentsRoad to Hire studentsRoad to Hire studentsRoad to Hire students

Our Brands

We are committed to using our platform to make a positive impact on the consumers we reach and the communities we operate in.

Racism is a public health crisis. Period.

Erin Petersen

Editor in Chief, Healthline

Science is objective. Institutionalized racism is not.

Robin Hough

Editor-in-Chief, Medical News Today

Racism is a parenting issue.

Dria Barnes

General Manager, Healthline Parenthood