Road to Hire Group

We believe we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

We believe that action expresses priorities, and we have a responsibility to interrupt injustice and indifference whenever we see it.

By holding ourselves accountable to being open and inclusive teammates, community members, and leaders inside the walls of RV, we aspire to set an example for others in the world to follow.

Our Team

We must find ways to listen, engage, and activate voices across Red Ventures to ensure that all identity groups and perspectives are represented in our work.

Shannon McFayden

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Shannon McFayden

Shannon has been with Red Ventures since 2010 as a trusted advisor on leadership effectiveness, talent management, and company culture. Before that, she led Human Resources & Corporate Relations for the nation’s fourth-largest financial institution at the time and was named one of the “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking” by US Banker.

“Our team’s top priority is to listen, engage, and activate voices across Red Ventures to ensure that all identity groups and perspectives are represented in our work.”

Khalan Boyer

Opportunity & Community Engagement

Khalan Boyer

Khalan joins the D&I team after serving as executive director of Road to Hire, a 501(c)3 nonprofit supported by Red Ventures. Before that, she led communications for Content Distribution at NBCUniversal and served as an entrepreneurship educator and small business advisor in Peace Corps Nicaragua.

“My goal is to weave our internal and external D&I initiatives together in a way that brings real change to RV and beyond.”

Khemari Cook

Education & Inclusion

Khemari Cook

Khemari is a marketing leader with 10 years of experience building brands and innovating in digital marketing. She holds both an MBA and Master of Mass Communications and has been named a Grammercy Rising Star in Financial Marketing.

“In many cases, the burden of educating others about systemic oppression falls on people of color. I see my role as alleviating that burden, broadly educating employees across businesses, teams, and geographies.”

Shaan Dadlani

Senior Analyst

Shaan Dadlani

Shaan joined Red Ventures in 2015 as an operations analyst and most recently worked as a data engineer and data operations lead on one of our largest strategic partnerships. He is a founding member of the Red Ventures We ARE employee resource group and an active volunteer with Golden Door Scholars and Road to Hire.

“My role is to help RV measure, track, and report on representation, inclusivity and community impact -- while setting meaningful milestones that hold us accountable.”

Joe Marone

Representation & Equitable Practices

Joe Marone

Joe joined Red Ventures in 2016 as a director of Global Operations. Under his guidance, RV sales leadership has challenged and pushed thinking in several facets of culture, including compensation, performance management, and coaching vs managing.

“We are hyper-focused on identifying and evaluating internal processes that have historically produced homogeny and inequity rather than diversity and inclusion - and rebuilding/adapting new practices to aim ourselves in a more equitable direction.”

This is work that all Red Ventures employees must commit to, but this team of experienced RV leaders is entirely devoted to building a more equitable and just system - within Red Ventures and in the world.

Statement from CEO Ric Elias:

Our most basic expectation from employees is an openness and willingness to better understand how we relate to each other and improve the world around us.

We choose love over indifference.

Ric Elias